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Cleaning Services

Get Er Maid Basic Service

House cleaners for you


  • Shower and Bathtub cleaned and sanitized
  • Tub and Tile walls
  • Shower doors
  • Toilets scrubbed and sanitize
  • Sink clean and sanitize
  • Fixtures clean and polish
  • Counter tops and back splash clean and sanitize
  • Counter top items removed and clean
  • Cabinet and vanity exteriors clean
  • Mirrors wiped and clean
  • Light fixtures clean
  • Vacuumed and wash floors
  • Wipe Baseboards
  • Remove Garbage


  • Appliances cleaned on exteriors
  • Stove tops and knobs
  • Microwave interior and exterior cleaned
  • Sinks clean and sanitized
  • Fixtures clean and polish
  • Counter tops clean and sanitize
  • Counter top items removed and cleaned
  • Cupboard doors wiped
  • Kitchen table and chairs wiped clean
  • Floors vacuum and wash
  • Remove Garbage

Other Rooms In The Home

house cleaning service

  • FurnitureĀ  dustedĀ (including lips ledges and legs)
  • Shelves dusted
  • Picture framesĀ  dusted
  • Table tops clean and polish
  • Mirrors clean
  • French doors clean
  • Lamps dusted
  • Door frames dusted
  • Spot wash walls
  • Windowsills cleaned
  • Blinds dusted
  • Furniture moved and vacuumed
  • Floors vacuum and/or wash
  • Remove Garbage

In small areas that are difficult to clean, like the shower track, drain and faucet, we utilize a toothbrush to ensure cleanliness. We hand wash many of the floors, and if they are too large to hand wash, we mop instead. However, if you prefer a hand wash of all floors, simply speak to us and convey your wishes. The cleaner we use will not hurt the floors, although we can use a product of your choosing if you wish.

We are experts in home cleaning services!