Get ER Maid

About Get Er Maid

Get Er Maid works in the Kelowna area. We are not franchised, so the company is under our control. We work hard to ensure our client’s satisfaction.
Kelowna Maid Sevice


At Get Er Maid, we know that every home is different. We want to establish a good working relationship with you. The quality of our service is evident; we have been rewarded for our work multiple times.

We treat our staff like family. This relationship is part of the reason why they go out to each home and do their best to ensure that the service is top notch. It can be difficult at times, but it is always rewarding.

We dust shelves and furniture. We clean glass, including picture frames. The mirrors are addressed, lamps are dusted, door frames and baseboards are dusted and we wash the walls in small areas where they need it. We clean the windowsills and dust the blinds. We vacuum furniture and even pick up the cushions to ensure that we get everything. Depending on the type of flooring, we either wash or vacuum it. We pick up around the house and take out the trash.

In small areas that are difficult to clean, like the shower track, drain and faucet, we utilize a toothbrush to ensure cleanliness. We hand wash many of the floors, and if they are too large to hand wash, we mop instead. However, if you prefer a hand wash of all floors, simply speak to us and convey your wishes. The cleaner we use will not hurt the floors, although we can use a product of your choosing if you wish.

We are experts in home cleaning services!